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Products Categories
1/8 EP Buggy 1:8 越野车
1/8 EP Truck 1:8大脚怪兽卡车
RC Accessories 竞赛模型车配件
Spare Parts 竞赛模型车易损配件
 1/10 Spare parts 1:10车易损配件
 1/8 Spare Parts 1:8车易损配件
 1/8 & 1/10 Spare Parts 1:8 1:10车通用易损配件
 Discontinued parts 停售部件
 Short Course Trucks 短卡车 沙漠拉力卡车
 Nitro Cars 燃油竞赛模型车
RC tools RC 工具
1/10 Brushed Buggy 1/10有刷越野电车
1/10 Brushed Truggy 1/10有刷竞速短卡车
1/10 Brushless Buggy 1/10无刷越野车
1/10 Brushless Truggy 1/10无刷竞速短卡车
1/8 EP Truggy 1/8电动竞速卡车
RC Helicopter 直升飞机
Upgrade Parts 升级配件
1:8 Nitro Buggy 1:8燃油越野车
1/8th Nitro MT 1:8燃油大脚怪兽卡车
1/10 SCT 1/10短卡拉力车
After-Market Items 升级件
1/10 Scale On Road Car 1/10平跑车
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Contact DHK HOBBY ( 欢迎选择以下联系方式):

For general queries, send your message to:  info@dhkhobby.com  邮箱地址:info@dhkhobby.com

For all car spare parts, after sales services and repairing/replacements, please seek your local shops/distributors. 所有车用易损配件,升级件,售后需求以及维修等事宜,请联络本地模型车店铺或者经销商。 

Phone: +0086 (755) 27363303 本公司电话:+0086 (755) 27463303

GPS navigation: 113º47'18"E, 22º42'60"N  


We are happy to assist you in any of your need/inquiry. Thank you.  


Office hours (办公时间):

Monday - Friday:   8:00am-17:30pm.  (周一 至 周五 8:00am - 17:30pm)

          Saturday - Sunday:   closed. (周六、日 休息)

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